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How we carried out our tests

We carried out price comparisons for an imaginary person using a range of ages and driving experiences for the same person. These comparisons were carried out using four different popular price comparison sites. The criteria we used are listed at the bottom of this page.

Drivers with two years' experience

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Drivers with 5 years' experience

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Drivers with 10 years' experience

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What our results indicated

What does all this mean?

According to our figures:

* Please note that:

(1) We selected a totally arbitrary list of criteria for our imaginary motorist. Different criteria may well result in completely different results from those we have printed;

(2) some of the quotations we have listed were from insurers who provide Telematic (i.e. black box) policies

(3) We have ignored value-changing factors such as compulsory excesses and extras such as legal representation, courtesy car, etc.

The criteria we selected for our imaginary motorist were:

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