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Terms and Conditions

Unfortunately, in these days of litigation and compensation claims, we have to limit our liability on this website and so our terms and conditions which govern your use of the site are as follows: –

Application of these terms and conditions

These terms must be read, and accepted, in their entirety. By continuing to use our website you accept all these terms and conditions without exception. If you disagree with any of the stipulations below then you no longer have our permission to use the site.

Our warranties

Whilst the information on this site is, to the best of our knowledge, completely up-to-date and accurate this may not be the case. Furthermore, we may or may not maintain this site in the future so some of the information herein may become out of date and incorrect. We can therefore make no warranty whatsoever that the information on this site is completely accurate and you must therefore not make any decisions whatsoever based upon what you have read on this site. Furthermore you should always take properly qualified legal advice before making any decisions of a financial nature. You therefore agree that you will not make any claims whatsoever against the owners, managers or contributors of this site for any losses or injuries you, or any other person, may suffer as a consequence of inaccurate information remaining on this site.

Possible consequences if our site is hacked

Websites are under constant attack from malicious persons who are often able to place malicious code on even some of the best protected sites on the Internet. It is your responsibility to ensure the protection of your Internet – connected devices, by the proper use of up to date anti-virus software. You should also be aware that many criminals use information that they have gathered from hacked sites to defraud visitors. A common fraud is known as a "pfishing' attack; under this, you could be asked for personal information, such as login codes or even credit card details, to be imputted into a fraudulent website which masquerades as a legitimate one. You should keep aware of these various frauds and avoid giving any information whatsoever in this way.

You accept therefore that we cannot be held in any way liable for any losses you may suffer which originate as a consequence of our site becoming hacked, howsoever this may have occurred.

Our intellectual property

You agree that you will not: –

You agree to indemnify us in full for any and all costs we may incur in enforcing our rights if you breach any of the above conditions.

Our relationship

Given that we make no charge for accessing our site, there is no contract or business relationship between us, and you therefore agree that you cannot hold the owners, managers or contributors of this website liable in any way for any losses or damages you may incur as a consequence of your visit to this site.

Legal challenges

If any of the stipulations in these terms and conditions are found to be unlawful, the remainder of the terms and conditions will still apply.

Legal jurisdiction

Any legal claims against the owners, managers or contributors of this website must be heard in a United Kingdom court. No other court in the world is to have any jurisdiction over this website.

Alterations to these terms and conditions

The owners, managers and contributors to this website have the right to vary these terms and conditions at any time, and you should therefore review them regularly.

Our agreement

By continuing to use our website you accept all our terms and conditions detailed above. If you are unable to do this your permission to use this site is terminated forthwith.

This site is owned and managed by No Deposit Ltd of Kemp House, 152 - 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX. Telephone: 0330 311 2615. Registered in England no. 11788202. Registered office: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU.

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