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Isn't third party car insurance a lot cheaper than comprehensive?

It used to be, but it isn't anymore. This is because insurers have found that there are much higher levels of claims made by motorists who have chosen this type of cover. As a result it is often more expensive, particularly for those looking for a no-deposit policy. There are several reasons for this:

Insurance premiums are governed by risk, and the higher that the insurance companies view that risk, the higher the premium will be. in fact:

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the average 3rd party premium is more than double the average comprehensive price!

In recent price comparison tests that we ran by getting comprehensive and third party quotes for different people, we found that premiums for comprehensive policies were the cheapest in 95% of cases!

Will it be more expensive for me then??

Not necessarily. If you are an experienced motorist with a good claim and conviction free record you may find it a cheaper option, particularly if you drive a car that isn't worth a lot, that you can replace easily if it is badly damaged or even written off. However, if you are a young driver, have had a few bumps or have picked up some speeding find you will probably find a comprehensive policy to be cheaper; and with better benefits too.

Are there any benefits to a third party policy?

Are there any disadvantages?

Why do people still buy third party cover?

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