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Your Privacy

We're passionate about protecting the privacy of our visitors and we ensure that we follow the guidelines laid down by the UK Data Protection Act of 1998.

In addition we follow best practices in making sure that we stick to the highest standards by ensuring that both we, and our service providers, use the latest security systems.

Data that we gather

Any visitor who provides us with data accepts that we will store and sort this data for a reasonable amount of time. This will be carried out solely to help us provide any assistance or services to our visitors in a timely and efficient manner. We will not use any of this data for any marketing purposes whatsoever; in other words you will not receive spam messages from us and we will not attempt to profile you in any way.

Third party data

If you provide information to us about any other third party it is essential that the permission of that third-party is obtained beforehand. We will not knowingly process any third-party data without such permission having been obtained.

Storage of data

Any of your data that we store will be protected by industry standard security systems, to prevent access by unauthorised persons.

Sharing of data

We will not share any information that we hold about our visitors unless;

Data access requests

Under the UK's Data Protection Act any company which holds information about any individual is obliged to provide that individual with a copy of the data if requested to do so. If any information is found to be incorrect, it must be corrected within a reasonable time. The company holding the information is entitled to make a fair charge for providing this information. If you require us to provide you with a copy of any information we hold about you, our fee for this will be a nominal £10. We will require reasonable evidence about your bona fides before providing this information.

Deletion of data

If you believe that we hold data about you on our systems, and you wish us to delete this data, we will do so within a reasonable time. Again, we will require evidence of your bona fides before doing so.


Legally, a website must request permission to use cookies which gather data about a visitor. We do not use such cookies. Any cookies that we do use will be to aid our visitors in navigating our website, or for making it's operation more efficient.

Contacting you

We will only contact you in order to answer your queries, or provide you with information that we feel is important to you. We will not contact you to market products about which you have not made a prior enquiry.

Links to other websites

Our site may contain hyperlinks to other sites which we believe you may find useful, or with which we have a business relationship. These sites are completely out of our control, and they will therefore have their own privacy policies. You should check these policies to ensure that they are to your satisfaction.

Changes to our privacy policy

We may alter our privacy policies from time to time. You should therefore check this page again on subsequent visits in order to ensure that it is still compliance with your wishes.

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